Solving the Communities Problems One App at a Time

Community Tech Connect is a full service software development company that specializes in the development of websites and mobile apps to combat today’s most troubling problems

Our Upcoming Projects

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Cop Stop Coach

We are bridging the gap between the police and the communities they serve with applications that promote and encourage relationships, clarity and honesty.

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Back Our Biz

Coined as the "Small business Yelp" this mobile app helps you find local small minority owned business in your area and allows you to rate the business.

Together we can make a difference.

One person can change our world. We all have the power to do the positive things that can make a difference for a better world.


We develop applications and websites the help bring the community together through technology


Our technology works directly with the community to help combat today’s most troubling problem


Educate yourself with software development, apps and websites that directly serve our community


Provides funding through organizations and corporations with software development


Our duties and obligations to the community and include cooperation, respect and participation


Our full-time staff gives support for all community organizations through technology active programs


Building unity through technology

Community Tech Connect offers software development to help combat today's most troubling problem.

Created in 2017, Community Tech Connect is full service software development agency that offers flexible mobile applications, websites and web applications. Our main purpose is to uniting people, programs, and outcomes to drive an ever-bigger difference. We offer a variety of applications that help combat social issues that our community faces on a daily basis.

All applications are completly free of charge. Make the change today and sign up for Community Tech Connect.

Remember, one person for his fellows is equal to the force of ninety-nine with only selfish interests.

Community Tech Connect and YOU!

Combating todays most troubling problems

Community Tech Connect is full service software development that specializing in developing websites and mobile applications for the community. All of our apps receive unparalleled support from our full-time, professional staff to ensure the best possible mobile experience.


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